Dungeon Scavenger

Inferno Expansion


Dungeon Scavenger is a unique turn-based old school dungeon crawler that sets you on a challenging path of exploration. Select a hero to keep the threat of the dungeon and demon realms away from the town's people. Innovative random system where you know if the critical hit will occur before you make a decision in combat.

  • -12 engaging classes with unique perks.
  • -8 spell elements each with unique status effect.
  • -Events that can affect the whole level and you.
  • -40+ status effects to add complexity to combat.
  • -20 levels and 320+ monsters.
  • -71,577 unique equipment in the game to find.
  • -Procedural random generated levels.
  • -Color Blind Friendly settings.

Dungeon Crawler Game

Old school treasure hunting in a randomized dungeon. Take your time to make critical decisions and explore the depths.

Turn Based Combat

Easy interface to decide your next action and avoid lengthy battles. Enjoy the visual effects without rushing to smash keys.

Randomized Dungeon

Every time you head to the depths is a new area to explore. Be careful of random events that can get you lost!

Touch and controller ready

Fully controller and touch screen friendly. Resolutions are ideal for Steam Deck.

Inferno Expansion Trailer

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